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Sustainability Collaborative-SustaiNext 2012 Year in Review

2012 was a year of high impact, substantial results, and meaningful progress at advancing the next generation of sustainability, which has now come to be  known as Universal Sustainability. 
The results that we at the Sustainability Collaborative-SustaiNext achieved in 2012 were  based largely on our relationship with you, your encouragement, insights, help, suggestions, and of course, your sponsorship. We can never thank you enough, but we shall try by strengthening our resolve to continue this important work, work that is designed to seek meaningful solutions to the complex issues that are confronting the 21st century global society. We thank you.
We at the Sustainability Collaborative-SustaiNext wish you the very best for the New Year and beyond. And, we truly wish that you may exceed your highest expectations.
Research and intellectual capital development is one of our core values at the Sustainability Collaborative-SustaiNext, and last year we produced two works that attained high critical acceptance, as we continued to advance the discussion regarding Universal Sustainability; the works were as follows:
Universal Sustainability: The Economy and Competitiveness 2012, by Robert L. Lattimer, Sustainability, The Journal of Record, February 2012. 

Link to Full Article  
Universal Sustainability: A Framework for Educational Innovation 2012, by John M. Gould, Ph.D., Sustainability, The Journal of Record, April 2012. 

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Our commitment to applied education, led by Ann Lee-Jeffs, the Sustainability collaborative-SustaiNext founder/CEO, continued in 2012. We called it Global Externship, and the program was a relationship involving selected executive management from Johnson & Johnson Ireland, professors, and graduate students from Dublin City University, and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

The real world case study learning that addressed strategic marketing problem analysis within the contextual complexities of a sustainable supply chain; under the decision making rubric of Universal Sustainability was, by most accounts, a real world learning laboratory, that introduced new realities.

A special thanks to Margaret Stokes and all at Johnson & Johnson Vistakon, Ireland, to Professor Perrier McDonagh, Dublin City University, and Professor Kevin Lyons, of Rutgers University, for their fine work.

Follow the link to find the full article detailing the Global Externship.
The Sustainability Collaborative conference entity, SustaiNext, delivered our second SustaiNext summit conference, in Dublin, Ireland, the Helix, October 21st and the 22ndand its theme was SustaiNext|EU

Not only was it the most highly tweeted event of October 21st, in Dublin, Ireland, it was an overwhelming success in terms of the program’s content, the quality of speakers, the venue, and the interaction that was had by all.

Many of you may recall that our first SustaiNext summit conference was conducted at Drexel University, Philadelphia, March 21st. and 22nd, in 2011.  

The co-organizing leadership team of Ann Lee-Jeff’s and Professor Perrier McDonagh, and a planning team that comprised of key members of Dublin City University Staff, Johnson & Johnson, Best Foot Forward and Rutgers University, developed one of the most important summits that addressed Universal Sustainability and the Green Economy. 

SustaiNext|EU brought speakers from the United Kingdom, United States and Ireland, that represented governmental leadership, policy makers, senior business executives, NGO’s, higher education, and graduate level students from Dublin City University, Trinity College, and other delegates totaling more than 250. 
Follow the link to the watch the keynote from the SustaiNext|EU Summit.

The Sustainability Collaborative in 2013
2013 promises to be a productive year of continued research, the publication of additional articles, and the release of a book on Universal Sustainability.  Additionally, more conference presentations, and additional applied case study learning’s are planned. And our SustaiNext 2013 is expected to present another conference of note featuring the advances of Universal Sustainability.
One of our high performing and talented staff, Claire McEachern left us to pursue another opportunity, yet, Claire’s contributions to our progress was more than noteworthy, as Claire was central to all of our work, and essential to our success in 2012. Claire will always be our friend and a colleague.

Jacob Lepiarz, Principal at Soma Communications, has joined the Sustainability Collaborative – SustaiNext, and given Jacob’s industry experience, we are looking forward to working with him, and to his many contributions to the Collaborative; Jacob’s role will be the organizations Chief Technology and Communication Officer. 
Our vision and mission will remain constant, as we have learned that to have vision and mission focus is the best way to fully deliver on our meaning, to continue to advance the next generation of sustainability, and to continue this important work of Universal Sustainability.
Our Vision: To continue providing the intellectual and content leadership pertaining to the next generation of sustainability. 
Our Mission: To develop next generation sustainability, Universal Sustainability, by conducting research, developing knowledge capital as reflected through our publications, and to be a forum for the conferences and symposium that present leading edge thought leaders and content, and by providing sustainable solutions for the complex 21st century global society. 
We thank you for your involvement, encouragement, and support of us in our journey to Universal Sustainability.
Ann Lee-Jeffs
Sustainability Collaborative-SustaiNext

Robert L. Lattimer
Chief Strategy Officer 
Sustainability Collaborative-SustaiNext