Does your organization have a clear strategy for succeeding in the resource and financially constrained era we are living through? Are you involved in green procurement, supplying to a firm who is greening its operations, trying to attract green investment or just wondering how to do sustainability? Thinking of greening your business? Do you need to understand and make the business case?

Do you wonder how global sustainability challenges and the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits are tied together locally?

Still unconvinced about sustainability?

If so, this is the not to be missed event of 2012 that you should attend to see how sustainability is impacting day to day business, future growth and even creating new business models and the risks and opportunities this presents to your organisation.

High profile CEO’s, business leaders and leading researchers researchers from the USA and EU have claimed that sustainability is the new business megatrend and the global market for environmental goods and services continues to grow. This is your chance to meet some of them, learn how they approached the challenges and the opportunities and network over a coffee. See examples of activities that win Green Awards while meeting leading green researchers.

Give yourself a sustainability assessment, find out how to reduce costs and differentiate yourself from competitors and meet other delegates, firms and speakers who can help you understand the issues and their relevance to your organisation.

Remember: Sustainext EU is the first conference of its kind in Ireland offering to help you understand the unfolding market drivers and leading-edge strategies for building business, communities and brand value by innovating for sustainability

Register today for the early bird rate and check out all the speakers at www.sustainext.org/register.

For more information, please contact Sustainext2012@dcu.ie.


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